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Thanks Giving Contest

How Would You Like To Invest Just 5 Minutes Today
And Make $2,000…$3,000… $5,000… $175,000 Or Even More?

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What’s this about?

We’re a group of passionate product creators focused on launching high-quality offers aimed to maximize affiliate earnings & bring real value to the customers.

To spend the autumn in style, between 15th of November and the 5th of December 2021 we’re organising an affiliate contest for our latest vision and blood sugar offers – Vista Clear and Vivo Tonic with over $12,000 in prizes.

The rules are simple:

The affiliate who makes the highest volume of sales across both offers is considered the winner and gets the top prize of $5,000.

That’s it!

Of course, to this prize you can add thousands more in affiliate commissions!

But here’s the money twist:

Everyone who makes just 1 sale qualifies automatically for our Random Affiliate $3000 Prize.

(The winner will be picked randomly, so everybody has equal chances.)

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Top Prize


Second Prize


Random Draw

Here’s What Makes VivoTonic & VistaClear
Impossible To Resist Both For Clients And Affiliates:

  • Copy has been split-tested to perfection on multiple traffic sources – emailing, native, Facebook, Youtube – you name it – with incredible results
  • Both vision & diabetes niches are super hot right now, with millions of customers practically dying for you to take their money.
  • Customized Client Funnel: customer AOV is super-maximized with our unique Front End > 100% Dynamic Upsells flow
  • Continuous Sale Strategy: powerful retargeting emails will ensure YOU WON’T MISS A SINGLE SALE!

Wondering about the stats so far?

  • 2.7% CTR on cold traffic and general health lists
  • average EPC of $2.3
  • super-high quality VSL keeps viewers engaged 3x more, thus increasing CVR with almost 75%!
  • the refund rate is under 5% for both products

Don’t worry if you have no experience with these niches:

We’ve got all the media materials and aff support covered:

  • email swipes
  • banners
  • customised landers
  • native and Facebook super-converting resources
  • bulletproof conversions tracking options – so you’ll NEVER miss a sale!

It’s like stealing candy from a baby!

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What our Happy Affiliates Say

They over-delivered on the product, support and taking care of the customers we brought in which makes for a perfect storm of win-win for everyone.
Look forward to running more offers this group puts out as they’re top notch!

Sarah J

Top Affiliate

Who Can Participate?

Everyone’s encouraged to take part:

From seasoned affs – who love easy money and bragging rights…

To fresh rookies – who now have the chance to bag $3k with just 1 sale!

YES – you read that right:

Make Just 1 Sale And Get Our $3k Random Aff Cash Prize

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Choose either VistaClear or VivoTonic… or both, if you’re still undecided

2. Get registered below to get all the necessary details, promo materials and contest updates

3. Do what you do best and grab the big prize!


  • Top Affiliate Receives a $5,000 Prize (with a minimum of 100 sales)
  • Second Affiliate Receives a $4,000 Prize (with a minimum of 80 sales)
  • One Random affiliate Receives a $3,000 Prize (make just one sale and you are eligible for the prize)

All affiliates who signup for the contest will automatically be added to the Thanks Giving Contest commission tier (auto pay-bump)

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